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Orthopaedics: debunking the myths — what does and what doesn’t actually work

    Tuesday 24th April 2018
    18:00 to 20:30
    Boardroom, 2nd floor St Olaf House, London Bridge Hospital
    Conditions of the Hip, Knee, Foot & Ankle, Shoulder, Hand & Wrist and Spine
    Consultants from London Sports Orthopaedics
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    6.00pm-6.30pmRegistration and refreshments
    6.30pm-6.50pmKnee arthroscopy doesn’t work!Mr Ian McDermott
    6:50pm-7.10pmHip replacement is a procedure of limited value!Mr Paul Jairaj
    7.10pm-7.30pmConservative management of spinal problems is just as good as surgery!Mr Alexander Montgomery
    7.30pm-7.50pmSubacromial decompression is pointless!Mr Livio Di Mascio
    7.50pm-8.10pmPlantar fasciitis doesn’t need treatment because it simply gets better on its own!Mr Ali Abbasian
    8.10pm-8.15pmOrthopaedic Q&A session

    Join London Sports Orthopaedics for an evening discussing and debunking the myths in Orthopaedics. The Consultants of London Sports Orthopaedics return to the St Olaf Boardroom, providing a Head to Toe account of the typical statements you'll hear around medical professionals, but not all statements should be trusted.  

    Be prepared for an entertaining night of debate, research and years of clinical experience in the various subspecialties of Orthopaedics. 

    There'll be plenty of "Take Home" messages for GP's for clinical practice including how to manage common problems, when to refer and important language to impart to patients. 


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